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Sunday, October 20, 2019


Yesterday was National Chocolate Cupcake day! I wanted to take Aub out for a treat, so I looked up bakeries in my area. I came across a place called Gigi’s Cupcakes in McCandless Pennsylvania. It seemed super cute, their cupcakes looked amazing, and we had never been there before.
The cupcakes really didn’t disappoint. They were HUGE and looked so gorgeous. The icing was super sweet, which really made my daughter happy. They were perfect for a little treat yourself adventure.
I was pretty disappointed by the associates working during our trip. Maybe they were having a rough day, but I felt really unwelcome from the moment I walked in. I could feel the girl behind the counter rolling her eyes at us for not knowing what we wanted. You can’t win them all I suppose. I didn’t want to bother them, so we took our cupcakes to go.
We ended up sitting down at the coffee shop right next door. We had never been there either and hot coffee is always a good idea to me.
It was completely different atmosphere at Convive. So relaxed. The women who waited on us were kind and they made a good cup of coffee. The shop was full of plants and cute little areas to sit and chill. I wasn’t hating their choice in radio station either.
We came home after that KO’d all cuddled up watching The Masked Singer.
I’d say that we made it a successful cupcake day. ♥

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