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About Me


Call me Sophia!
I'm a 30-year-old social media Specialist and enthusiast residing in 
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania! 

I am a mom who is currently working part-time to support myself and my daughter while I finish up school at my local community college. 

I've been a terrible part-time blogger since 2009 with a Tumblr blog hitting 20k followers. If only that were relevant now. 🤣

I love all things photography, makeup, & fashion. Thrifting makes my heart smile. Crocheting calms my nerves. My daughter hates my Dad jokes. 

I talk openly about my experiences with anxiety and depression.
I talk openly about my experiences with domestic abuse. 
My blog may be triggering and I completely understand.
Please do what is best for your health. ♥

Feel free to send me an email! 

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