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Sunday, October 13, 2019


Aubrey and I visited one of Pittsburgh’s “most Instagrammable” spots, and it did not disappoint!

Aubrey and I were feeling up for an adventure, so I started Googling places in our area for us to go visit. Since we’re both early birds, something involving coffee seemed like the perfect mother-daughter date idea. ♥

The Loveliest Co. was one of the top search results that I arrived at. I was curious based solely on the name, but once I saw their social media, I knew we had to see it in person!

It was love at first sight. So much pink and gold. Marble counters. The chairs! The Swing! *swoon* It’s like they pulled it straight from a Pinterest board. Both of our hearts were smiling as soon as we walked through the door.

The drinks are definitely Instagram friendly. Aubrey picked out a pink lemonade with a purple ombre, while I played it safe with a Salted Caramel latte. Both drinks were delicious and visually stunning. ♥


This gorgeous place doesn’t just stop at coffee. It’s also a boutique! I moseyed through the boutique area before making my coffee selection, (because my daughter and I are both clumsy and I wasn’t trying to make that kind of a first impression today.) and they had the cutest clothes & accessories available. ♥

The Loveliest was exactly that… The Loveliest. ♥

The feminine aesthetic coupled with the relaxing atmosphere really made this place a winner for me. (It’s definitely a low-key anxiety friendly place.) My daughter has already asked a handful of times when we’ll be visiting the shop again. (Success!) The staff were friendly and I could tell we were in the presence of a serious #GirlBoss business.

I had a moment while I was here. Everything about this shop made me miss my Grandma. (Gigi) I think that her heart would have been smiling there too. Or maybe it was wherever she is now. ♥ That’s how I really knew that this was a safe space to …just be… for a little while. (Especially on such a rainy day.)

You’ll find The Loveliest Co located right outside Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, in the picturesque area of Sewickley. Check out theloveliest.co for more details!

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