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Tuesday, November 12, 2019


The Loveliest

I had the opportunity to be a part of a lovely holiday photoshoot! ♥

Last week I was one of five women who responded to an Instagram post put up by The Loveliest Co. They were looking for volunteers to model their new Holiday items for their boutique. I guess I was one of the first to respond because they gave me the go ahead to join them!

Can we just talk about how HUGE of a deal it is to me that I even responded to their post in the first place?! Me. Sophia. Sophia who has always been full of anxiety and whose self-esteem truly couldn’t sink any lower most days… I responded to a modeling call for the cutest boutique/coffee shop in the Pittsburgh area…& They said okay!

Last week I showed up to The Loveliest with my nerves through the roof and with a weird anxious quiver in my jaw that was very noticeable every time I tried to smile for a photo. I did my absolute best to put up a strong front though, and to tell my fears to kick rocks.

The other women I met were wonderful. Some were mothers just like me, and all of them were kind and admirable. It’s a unique thing to take such intimate shots with people you’ve only just met. I had a delightful time trying on the most beautiful outfits and posing with the cutest holiday props.

The Loveliest

How cute are these outfits though?! The braided sleeve sweater with the chunky scarf was so cozy. & The oversized cream sweater with the pink satin hair bow was so sweet! I fell completely in love with that outfit.

The Loveliest is a spot that really delivers in every way. It’s a business ran by women who want to empower other women. I’m so glad that I was able to take part in this Holiday shoot, and I hope to be more involved in future events they’ll be hosting.

I’m extremely proud of myself for taking a little leap out of my comfort zone this month. Witnessing all of these women creating their own paths in life has sparked a fire in me to figure out how I want my story to unfold from this point on.

The Loveliest

♥ Thank you to The Loveliest for including and inspiring me.
♥ Thank you to Kyleigh Danielle Photography for these amazing photos!

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