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Bootay Bag!

Monday, December 9, 2019


We're talking about BootayBag!

What is BootayBag? It's what you might think it is ... or at least what I'm hoping you'd think it is. BootayBag is a monthly subscription plan that sends cute undies right to your door! No fuss and no need to leave the comfort of your home. The style and pattern will always be a surprise (unless you choose a specific option that they have available) and you can even add a bralette to go with it. Their packages are very customizable, and they have different plans to suit your desires.

BootyBag is a company run by women, for women.
I would definitely recommend checking out their website and their social media. They have a killer body positive stance and an amazing zero-hate tolerance policy. These women are here to lift you up and deck you out.

Click HERE to visit their website and to browse their subscription options!


So… as if gorgeous panties sent to your door wasn’t enough, this company has heart. ♥
This is what truly stuck out and resonated with me personally.

Underwear is one the most needed items at women’s shelters, but it is also one of the most under-donated items. BootayBag is out here giving back. They partner with local organizations to make new, clean, and cute underwear available to women who are in need of it.

There was a point in my life where staying a women’s center was about to be my only option. They had a room ready for me on standby. && As of right now I am considered “working poor” and I honestly cannot tell you that last time I was able to purchase new underwear for myself. I utilize what I currently have in my panty drawer because I’m not in the position to buy new and give back… yet. I promise that I will get there someday...

In the meantime, I take great comfort in knowing that businesses like BootayBag are out there helping women like me. Your purchases are helping to support people in need and that is something I can get my bootay on board with.

♥ A huge thank you to BootayBag for sending me the loveliest complimentary undies & for all the good you are doing.

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