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Aub's Birth Story.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monday June 18th I was exactly 38 weeks pregnant and living in Neerpelt Belgium. At 10:15 p.m. I had just crawled into bed ready to go to sleep. While laying in bed, I suddenly felt a small popping sensation in my lower abdomen that was followed by the feeling of needing to go to the bathroom. I waddled to the bathroom to discover that my water had broke! 

I instantly went into panic mode after that. At the emergency room they confirmed that my water had broken and that I was in labor.

The Midwives at the hospital told me that I would be spending the night and they would be keeping an eye on me for the next 12 hours while waiting for labor to start. About two hours or so after reaching the hospital I started having my first contractions. The pain was located in my lower back and felt just like menstrual cramps at first. Within the next four hours the contractions become extremely overwhelming and I was going frantic trying to get them to ease up. I was pacing the halls of the hospital, drinking as much water as possible and counting my breaths with each contraction. At this time the midwife decided to check to see if I was dilated at all … & I was already at 6 centimeters. 

*disgusting side note.* My contraction were in my lower back area and I labored A LOT in the bathroom … on the toilet … because they were making my body empty itself out.

After her progress check, the contractions started getting almost unbearable. They were still completely located in my lower back but they were coming on pretty fast and causing me a lot of pain. I was miserable to say the least. I asked the midwife about possible means of taking the edge off of my contractions and she replied that all they offered was an epidural. I knew that an epidural was just something that I wasn't comfortable doing and with a little encouragement from the Midwife I opted to just breathe through my contractions. About an hour later I started feeling the urge to push.

I was done for. I was beyond exhausted and needed sleep more than anything. The midwife decided to give me some IV fluid to help hydrate me and wake me up so I could start pushing. I had become so used to counting breaths though my contractions though, that I was actually afraid to push at first. The midwife had to coach me through it. I remember holding her hands through the whole thing. 

Once they announced that they could see her head, I was ready. I was determined to meet my girl and get the pushing over with. A few big pushes later and my body started moving her out on it's own. It was the strangest feeling. My body felt like it was on autopilot. A terrible burning autopilot, but you get it.

At 6:24 am on June 18th 2013, Aubrey Fay was placed on my chest.

Look at this .... covered in that gross white cheese stuff  and with the brightest lips.

& That was it. That's the story behind the delivery of my beautiful girl.
 There are no words to describe the feeling of becoming a new parent. I have never felt so much love for another person and after only moments I couldn't imagine my life without her. ♥

We spent the mandatory couple days in the hospital and at some point my milk finally came in so I could breastfeed. 

Born June 18th at 6:24 am.
8 hours from water break  to delivery.
Unmedicated birth.
6.4 lbs.
19.7 inches.

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