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The first time we kissed ...

Tuesday, April 30, 2019


The first time we kissed I wrote about it in my diary. 

You were wearing an olive green t-shirt that smelt like lumber. You went to kiss me, and I pulled away… You asked me if I wasn’t ready. I was ready but somehow I could already feel that you were going to be so important to me. I didn’t want to forget that moment. I wanted to take a minute to really appreciate it. & Then when you knew I was ready, you kissed me. 

When I told you about everything I had been through you were so patient with me. You have always put my comfort and feeling of safety first. I have never felt so cared for and respected. 

The first time we really kissed you stopped in the middle of it to ask me if I thought that I was beautiful. You said “I asked you if you thought you were beautiful because I don’t see how it’s possible to not see that. It’s so apparent. It doesn’t need any consideration…and I don’t mean just looks.”

The first time you called me baby you didn’t mean to. It slipped from your lips and you tried to cover it up by calling me dude afterwards. & That’s how baby-dude became a term of endearment. 

The first time you held my hand in public had me feeling like I was unbeatable. We stopped at the mall to get some wine ice-cream and you grabbed my hand in the parking lot. You didn’t let go until we got back to the car. 

The first time we said that we loved each other you must have read my mind. I didn’t want to leave your car. Dates are never long enough and letting you go home isn’t on my list of things that I truly enjoy. You knew that I was thinking it, so you asked… and then you said that you loved me too. 

When I introduced you to my daughter I was terrified. I told you beforehand that her and I are a package deal and if she didn’t approve then we wouldn’t work.  You were amazing with her from the start. You fell on your ass racing her in the wet grass. You put as much effort into your relationship with her as you do me and I can’t thank you enough for it. 

I’ve never been loved more perfectly. You are hilarious, so smart, kind, deep and handsome. && I thank God for every day that I get to have you in my life. 

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