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I don't know where I belong yet. ♥

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

I turned 29 last month. 29. I am a month into the last year of my twenties ... and I am still completely lost.

In March I had an interview for a job that would have been a perfect fit. It was a work from home gig that I could do while my daughter was at school and paid just enough to cover the bills. 

The day after my interview is when Pennsylvania shut down because of COVID. The owner (who is an amazing woman!) said that she would have given me the job on the spot if it weren't for covid.  Understandably, she didn't want to take on someone new in such an uncertain time. 

We kept in touch and last month we had a phone conversation. The direction of her business changed and she went from remote to an office location. I'm so glad that she was kind enough to call me and let me know but unfortunately I'm not able to be in an office right now. 

My daughter's schooling is 100% virtual. My schooling is also virtual. (I'm a full-time student this semester!) There is talk of her school reopening next month in October but I don't feel that it is safe enough for her to return yet, and she feels that same. It's also about to be flu season and this is usually the time of year when she brings home a nasty stomach bug and some kind of cold that gives her an ear infection. 

Because of the schooling situations, we are homebound.

I've been looking for remote job opportunities ... with no luck. The job market is over saturated right now and I am not as qualified as most. (At least on paper.)

Life has been pretty stressful and I think it's going to stay this way until December. (At least.)
It has me feeling like I'm lost ... again. 
I know that I'm not supposed to have it all figured out but COVID has me feeling more displaced than usual. Yahknow?! ( Even 6 months later.)

I'm going to wrap this up on a positive note.

Here are some of my silver linings:

  • I will have my associates degree by the end of next year!
  • I love social media and I'm working on finding a career that includes it!
  • My internship will look great on my resume!
  • I have enough saving to pay my bills while I figure things out!
  • My boyfriend and friends are helping me fix up my house!
  • Aubrey is safe and happy!

I can't ask for more than that last one.

Hope you all have it a little more figured out than I do right now! 

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