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It's love...♥

Saturday, February 15, 2020

It is love...♥

It's real.

I bet we're all sick of hearing about how in love I am.

I can't help it though! Plus, It's Valentine's Day so cut me some slack! I have a love that I didn't even think existed. All I was looking for was peace.. I didn't know that my peace had a perfect smile and looked super cool in his pleather bomber jacket.

He calms my anxiety and soothes my pain. He keeps me grounded while also encouraging me to reach for the stars. He sets my coffee pot to turn on at 7 a.m. and washes my dishes to help lighten my load. My MatT asks me about my day and listens to every detail. He writes music for me and sings with me in the car.

My Matt is an amazing role model for my daughter. He keeps her safe. He helps tuck her in at night. They work on homework together and read books. Last night he cared for her while she was sick. The way he treats me is the way I pray for someone to treat her someday.

He has given me everything I've ever dreamed about. This love is all I've ever wanted for myself and for my daughter. I absolutely love what we have created.

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