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My First Tattoo!

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

This wasn’t a planned tattoo, although I’ve had a dedicated “ink” board on Pinterest for years. This was on a whim and I am the happiest that I was able to get it done.

So, I have a boyfriend. If you’ve seen any photos of us, you may have noticed that he’s got a couple tattoos himself. I really sweet cherry blossom half sleeve and a less noticeable but just as amazing homage to Godzilla. Since he’s already had some work done, I wanted to get a tattoo from the shop where he goes.


UP IN ARMS. ♥ It’s a brilliant little tattoo parlor in Moon Pennsylvania. They’re a group of talented artists & some super chill people. I had my little snowflake done by the apprentice, Archer. Follow him HERE.

Super stoked you asked! They ran a Friday the 13th / Christmas special called Toys for Tats. The setup was that you bring in a $10 toy for the shop to donate to Toys for Tots and you leave with a tattoo that you could choose from a flash sheet. There were a couple Jack & Sally designs on there, a Christmas tree, poinsettia…. and a couple tiny little snowflakes. Perfect for a snowflake like me … see…see what I did there? The running joke is that I got a snowflake because I am a snowflake. 
(Snowflake - A very sensitive person. Someone who is easily hurt or offended by the statements or actions of others.)


The reason for the snowflake was really just because I wanted to start with something small to see how I would heal and react. I’m also broke so this seemed like a good opportunity…if not my only opportunity for a while. & While I don’t believe that tattoos need to have any kind of meaning I found a way to give this little guy a good bit of meaning to me.

I had an old self-harm scar covered by the placement of this snowflake! The dude man (Archer) asked if I just wanted to go over the scar and I said “YEAH, F*#K that scar!” & that’s how placement was decided. Now, you can google the symbolic meaning of anything … so I did. Snowflakes can signify a snow-covered earth meaning a sort of rebirth. I like it. I’m going with it. Snowflake.

I was terrified. I was sick to my stomach before getting the tattoo. I was thinking the worst. I could hardly eat. (Eat before you get tatted.) I cuddled a stuffed unicorn that someone had donated while the first line was inked.

Honestly, though, It wasn’t bad at all. It’s not a pain like when your parents tell you that they're disappointed in you, it’s more like when a child tells you that you have a large rear end. It’s a bit of a burn but nothing some emotional eating and ointment can’t heal. I do realize that my opinion on this will probably alter with tattoo size and placement though.

1,000/10 Will do it again. My only regret is that I didn't get one sooner.

♥ A huge thank you to Archer at Up In Arms for my first tattoo. More to come!

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