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Daikaiju ATTACKS!

Friday, November 22, 2019


Daikaiju ATTACKS Howlers in Pittsburgh PA. - GO!

My boyfriend is a huge Daikaiju fan so we had an experience!. ♥       

....Masks, flames, crowd surfs, at one point Secret-man
Guitar was ripping with his head on my lap.

Daikaiju puts out some serious surf-rock-metal jams && they give you an unbelievable show while they’re doing it. 


They keep their identities secret with their kabuki masks and their lack of verbal communication. They’re also really into setting things on fire and ending each show by always lighting up their van and instruments. 



My boyfriend’s a big fan of these guys so when I saw that they were coming to Pittsburgh I grabbed us some tickets. I’m pretty sure I was the only person who actually ordered physical tickets. 
(I save the stubs.)

We showed up to Howler’s in Pittsburgh ready for a show, but I seriously had no idea what I was going to see. 


There were flames right in front of my face. There was crowd surfing…which completely gave me a panic attack, but I was a small part of it before it did. There was even a point where we were sitting on the floor and the lead guitarist had his head on my lab while he was playing. 

It was something straight out of a nightmare or maybe The Purge... It was impressive!. Even if it's not your scene, you have to appreciate their theatrics and undeniable musical talent. I have no musical abilities but my boyfriend is very skilled on the bass, so he knew these guys were worth it from the start. When you see Daikaiju live it's pretty obvious to everyone that they can rip.

I’d highly recommend seeing these guys if they ever attack your city.

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