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Girls Amazon Gift Guide 2020. ♥

Thursday, December 3, 2020 Pittsburgh, PA, USA


All of these items were handpicked by my 7 year old daughter.  

1. UNICORN MASK- Aubs had gotten a unicorn robe for her birthday this summer. She hadn't asked for it but I thought it was cute and thought 'why not?'! She wears it daily. She even sleeps in it some nights. I thought that this would be so cute to go with it. 

2. UNICORN SLIPPERS- Same as above but perfect for the cold floors in our house during the winter months. 

3. MOUSE PAD- This one I actually purchased because I couldn't help myself. She is obsessed with Corgis & Shiba Inus, & with school being virtual right now mouse pads are kind of necessary.

4. GEL PENS! - LOOK AT ALL THESE. I'm a 90's kid and I am so excited to try these. They have really good reviews and I can't wait to see what she draws.

5. ROBUX- Aubs and all her friends are completely obsessed with Roblox. Robux let them buy items in the games. You can't go wrong with this one for a Roblox kid.

6. STICKERS: - I just think these sticker packs are really adorable. There are so many different kinds and they can be used for whatever they'd like. 

7. KARAOKE MIC- For a little popstar. Maybe also consider buying some earplugs and Tylenol?.

8. WALKIE TALKIES- I don't care how old you are, walkie talkies are fun! The end. 

There you have it! My daughter's 20020 Gift Guide. The rest of her Wishlist can be found HERE

I will always prefer to shop small and local but I know that sometimes Amazon is the place.  

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