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Managing Anxiety When Things Are ... Weird. ♥

Sunday, December 6, 2020 Pittsburgh, PA, USA


Managing anxiety and depression

Are things weird right now? I think things are weird right now. There is so much happening in the world and this feeling of uncertainty is running rampant. I wanted to share a list of tips that I use to ease my anxiety and depression.

1. FOCUS ON WHAT IS TRUE: Don't let your anxious thoughts send you spiraling down an anxiety rabbit hole. Focus on what is true and happening right now, in this moment. Think about your next step and your next step only. This helps a lot when I am feeling overwhelmed or in the middle of a panic attack. I actually came across this trick in a podcast.

2. DO NOT BUY INTO THE STIGMAS SURROUNDING MENTAL HEALTH: People with mental health disorders do not look a certain way. Anxiety doesn't care how pretty everyone says you are or what size pants you wear. Having mental health issues does not mean that you are 'crazy' or going crazy. It does not mean that a person is dangerous, unintelligent, or obsolete. & It does not mean that you are your disorder. You are still you.

3. ROMANTICIZE THE LITTLE MOMENTS: love when people romanticize their lives. I think of it as enjoying little ordinary moments and really taking time to appreciate them. There is an Influencer//entrepreneur named Nabela who makes videos on TikTok that she titles "Pockets of Peace." In these videos she showcases the small parts of her day that bring her joy. They range from lighting her favorite candle to spending time with family. Her videos have mixed reviews though. Some people find them to be too cheesy, while someone like myself really enjoys the appreciation she has for coveting the small moments. 

 4. PRACTICE SELF-CARE: However that looks to you! Self-care looks different for everyone! Taking a shower can be self-care or even exercising. Some people love to read or have a warm cup of coffee alone. Others prefer facials and sweet treats. Do something for yourself! You deserve it.

5. TALK TO SOMEONE: One of the biggest things I learned about myself is that I try to handle everything on my own … including my anxiety and depression. Some things are really hard to carry all by yourself though. (Especially if you're like me and have more baggage than a Boeing!) Talking to a therapist is the best thing that I do to help my anxiety and depression. I am at my best when I have a therapist. You don't have to talk to a therapist though! You can talk to a friend, significant other, family member, me, or even a stranger through apps dedicated to helping people who need it ... I even talk to my pets some days. 

I learned these tips and tricks from my favorite self-help books, mental health blogs, podcasts and from a couple therapists. I hope some of them help! Life is weird for all of us right now. Hang in there. ♥

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