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Happy December!

Wednesday, December 2, 2020 Pittsburgh, PA, USA


My December did not get off to a great start. 

Yesterday I slammed my finger in the car door when I was picking Aub’s stuff up from the school. When I got inside the school I almost passed out when I realized how bad the damage to my finger was ... twice. I waved the guy out of the office just in case I did pass out. Then they brought down the school nurse who took my blood pressure and of course it had dipped low. 😶

I went to the walk-in clinic to get an x-ray. It is not broken! … but omfgoodness does it hurt and it is ugly. I think I'll be lucky if I get to keep the nail. Now I have a super cool bionic splint on it. Its honestly just a little piece of metal to keep my finger from bending. ✌️ Filling in my eyebrows with it on is an interesting process.

After that, a random dog wandered into my backyard while I was taking some photos. It turned out to be my neighbors new dog. She was a cutie and really sweet ... she did leave me a 'gift' on my kitchen floor though.

I ended the day with wine and pizza at my dad's house & I needed it.

Despite everything that happened yesterday, I couldn't help but laugh through it. What kind of a dingle crushes their finger in their own car door?! & Of course the adorable dog had to poop on the floor, right?! Then I couldn't even open my own bottle of wine because of my freaking booboo hand. It was a comically ridiculous day. I had to laugh at myself.

I also loved that despite it being a rough one for me, Aubs absolutely loved her day. We were able to grab her work from school. She got to miss morning classes and hangout with her family while I went for an x-ray. I brought her back a Happy Meal just in time for her lunch break. (She has been begging for one.) She got to play in the snow and then cuddle an adorably scruffy dog. 10/10 For Aubs.

Happy December! If it doesn't get any better, hopefully we can at least laugh through it.

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