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My Child is Exhausted.

Thursday, December 17, 2020 Pittsburgh, PA, USA


Kids won’t tell you that they are feeling burned out because they don’t always know what that means. What my daughter said to me instead sounded like “can I skip school?” and “I don’t know what’s wrong.” At first, I didn’t hear what she was really trying to tell me.

This week I let her sleep in on a weekday. She rarely ever sleeps in, so I just assumed she’d catch maybe an extra hour of sleep. She slept until 1 p.m. She wasn’t up late the night before and she wasn’t feeling unwell. I knew right then that she was emotionally exhausted, so we took a mental health day.

I cannot blame her for reaching the end of her emotional rope. This year has been so full of change for her and for all of us. Cyber school is mentally exhausting and being home this much is rough. (Unless you are a seasoned introvert.) Everything is so different this year and just thinking about it can be overwhelming. & When there is this constant worry about what might happen, it sucks the energy right out of you.

She has done so well this year and she has handled every situation with such a light heart. She is always so sweet and kind … I think that is why I didn’t notice how much she needed a little break.

Parents are not the only ones feeling the emotional weight of all this change.

Keep an eye out for phrases that might be red flags.

Do not be afraid to take mental health days for yourself and for your babies.

Life is strange and we are only human. 






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